As a business person and owner of a fitness club, you probably know that your success is based quite a bit on the creation and utilization of opportunities. In order to estimate successful management of your fitness club, yield (EBITDA) should consist of more than 30% of your investment (more than real estate investment).

Your own personal engagement while looking for managers who would be constantly involved in their work, may rob you valuable time for the development of your business and finding new business opportunities.

Enjoy your peace of mind and increase your chances of obtaining high yields, by hiring complete management services for your club.

You will be the owner and we will manage the club for you at the highest level of skill.

Get management services ranging from the design concept, through design of structure, while supporting the construction of the club and interior design, equipment purchase (much lower price), strategic planning, financial planning, recruitment of staff and training, marketing campaign management, Presale time, opening event and all elements leading to a successful management.