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Business Plan

Plan to set up a new business?
Want to upgrade your existing business?

Build a business plan first!

Pre-investment in a business plan may save you money and […]

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Financial Plan and Budget

“Successful financial management is not based on how to analyze numbers,
 but on the knowledge of what you should do to get the required numbers”.

Usually, most of the efforts invested in the financial plan focus on calculating the expenditure items. A Good financial plan must be based on […]

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Construction Planning and Design

Create proper and safe operations of clients within optimal exploitation of the club space.

Infrastructure Specifications: Ceiling, flooring, air conditioning, lighting, computers system, audio systems, advanced training technologies.

The accurate scheme for an […]

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Strategic Planning

What is the vision for your business? How will your business look when it runs at its best?
What is the mission of your business? What change would it bring to other people’s lives?
What are the goals you have to achieve? Are there any defined measurable results?


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Marketing and Sales

Every business relies on two crucial elements:

Excellent Product / Service.
Excellent Marketing.

You cannot sell to those who do not know you. Even if prospect clients have already heard about your business, they still need to prefer it over your competitors.

Get control over Marketing Activities

Instead of spending a fortune on marketing media you cannot measure effectively, we […]

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In fact, your business must sell in order to succeed and survive on a long-term basis.

If your team is not able to convince your potential customers to buy the excellent service you can provide, your business will get into a big trouble faster than you expected.

Marketing is aimed to […]

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Graphic Design and Business Image

Build your Distinct Identity!

Your brand image and graphic design need a clean and clear style that will best convey your message to your target audience and achieve the goals you have set!
Studio Memtchik is our business partner, a branding and marketing expert in […]

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Staff Recruitment Plan

“A successful business is built from a team of good people. Those people are blessed with high internal motivation, constantly on the run in order to create a positive impact and bring some change in other people’s life”.

Good managers invest in […]

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Management Manual

Writing a management guide which defines the “management policy*”, will ensure the creation of an organized mechanism of all activities required to manage a business that works regardless of the information stored personally by high-rank employees which […]

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